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My work highlights the constant movement of people across borders and the precariousness of the environment that supports our lives.” 
About his work

The influence of nature’s four elements on life is easily identified in the media that Jesús Acuña has chosen as his means of expression: painting, ceramic sculpture, installations, and art objects.


His artistic works reveal the power of the imagination, in combination with form and symbol, and result in a collection of metaphors related to movement, change, and destiny.


Acuña’s work is a poetry of the desert and of cities such as Jerez, which developed as oases where the traditions of Spanish, Arab, and Indigenous cultures merged to create a rich mosaic of meanings connected to those vast plains—where one’s soul strips all unnecessary attachments in solitude to purify its feelings.


Jesus’s process has something of the bird that is still learning how to fly and feels strong attachment to its nest, in this case the artist’s homeland. His imagination flies over rivers, listens to the music carried by the wind singing between rocks, and melds with the crimson of skies illuminated by the sun.


It is out of these materials that Jesús Acuña makes his art.


José Manuel Springer

Mexico City, 2013

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